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Signature of Applicant Date Please return the completed form and 45 application fee money order of cashier s check payable to Howard University and all required admission application materials to Admissions Office 601 Howard Place NW Washington DC 20059 Please contact the School of Social Work Admissions Office if needed at 202 806-6450 or socialworkadmissions howard. Application Fee 45. 00 Non-refundable Money Order or Cashier s Check only Howard University School of Social Work Application...
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Hey everybody welcome back to my channel today I'm going to be doing a little Q&A for you guys because I filmed the how I got accepted into the Howard video and I was so really in shock and like really excited so I didn't really inform you guys on a lot of stuff that I know you guys probably wanted to know and a lot of people have been asking me a lot of questions related to Howard and like how I got in an application process and scholarships and all that extra stuff so today I'm going to be answering those questions for you guys just to clear everything up and yeah this is just a little video it's not gonna be very long because I only have a few questions but I decided to put it out there because a lot of people have been asking me the same questions so it's not gonna be very long but it's gonna be very informative so yeah alright so just keep watching if you want to know more about the application process and how I got accepted into Howard okay first question is did I get a scholarship or how will I be paying for Howard my parents are in the military my mom just retired and they gave me 36 months of their GI Bill which is posted post 11 GI Bill you guys aren't using the GI Bill I'm gonna do a video on it later on when I figure out like exactly how everything works because if you're just like thinking about it and your your your figure trying to figure it out on your own it can be really confusing and there's not a lot of people who use the GI Bill so I'm gonna go video completely separate on the GI Bill when I figure out how everything is working I do have friends right now who have gotten scholarships and if you go on Howard's website they list like all the scholarships and they have scholarship criteria so if you meet that criteria or you surpass the criteria then you're most likely to get a scholarship I have friends who gotten forty two thousand dollars from Howard thirty six thousand dollars from Howard they're really on top of their stuff this year with deadlines and stuff and they're giving everybody their application application decisions on time and they're giving everybody their scholarship decisions on time so a lot of the stuff Barry but if you meet the requirements for the scholarships then you're most likely to get one next question is do does Howard take your unweighted or your weighted GPA I really don't know I'm on the East I'm on the East Coast like my thing I'm on the west coast so my GPA is unweighted I sent in my unweighted GPA but my counselor did tell me that if you go to a if your going to like an East Coast College and you're on the west coast they'll weight your GPA for you so you when you apply you looks like all the AP classes you've taken and any class you've taken and your grades that you got in those classes and I'm pretty sure the College weights to GPA for you or they just compare you to other applicants with unweighted GPA so you don't like have because on the East Coast they going like a 5.0 scale and...